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Glass Cleaning

Commercial Floor Cleaning Tips

Today, the floor cleaning problem for many businesses is how to clean and restore worn and dingy floors and grout. Is the first impression you want to make with your business’, dirty and unappealing tiles and grout? Probably not! Dirt from the environment collects everywhere such as feet, cars, air and gets tracked into offices…

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5 Expert Tips to Extend Your Office Building’s Life-span 1

5 Expert Tips to Extend Your Office Building’s Life-span

The lifespan of any concrete building is somewhere between 75 to 100 years, in the most ideal conditions. However, the average age of a house is around 40 years while the average age of an apartment is close to 60 years. This lifespan, however, can be increased with minimal maintenance. There are times that commencing…

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Soft facility maintenance

How to Make Soft Facility Maintenance Activities Work for Your Business

SOFT FACILITY MAINTENANCE A company’s physical environment says a lot about who the company is and how it operates. Facility maintenance keeps businesses in proper operating conditions through routine and scheduled operations. A well- maintained facility creates a safe working environment, reduces energy output costs, and makes all business functions run smoothly and efficiently. In…

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How In-House and Outsourcing Facility Maintenance Service Co-exist 2

How In-House and Outsourcing Facility Maintenance Service Co-exist

Outsourcing Facility maintenance has been receiving increasing attention recently. Ordinarily, the facility management department gives resources support for the core business as it concerns both optimizing building performance and ensuring the commercial success of any organization. However, most organizations in Nigeria today solely focus on the financial aspect while choosing between the outsourcing and in-house…

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