Soft facility maintenance

How to Make Soft Facility Maintenance Activities Work for Your Business


A company’s physical environment says a lot about who the company is and how it operates.

Facility maintenance keeps businesses in proper operating conditions through routine and scheduled operations. A well- maintained facility creates a safe working environment, reduces energy output costs, and makes all business functions run smoothly and efficiently.

In facility management services, there are basically two types which are Hard facility maintenance and soft facility maintenance services.

Soft facility maintenance services are services that are directly used by the business which help in making the workplace more pleasant and secure. They are usually hardly noticeable when done right most times because of the frequency. But failure to carryout soft facility maintenance activity may lead to major damage to business activity. Soft Facility maintenance ensures a more pleasant, safe and secure working environment for customers and employees which in turn enhance smooth business operation

List of soft facility maintenance services

To initiate soft facility maintenance services, one will need to do the Needs Assessment exercise.

Need assessment will help you to identify which services are actually needed by the company and which are unnecessary.

How In-House and Outsourcing Facility Maintenance Service Co-exist

Soft Facility Maintenance Needs Assessments

Soft Facility Needs Assessments are fairly easy to carry out and require few resources. To do an assessment, consider all aspects of the business and look at which facilities already exist. Find the answer to the below questions:

  • List of existing facilities
  • Are these sufficient and efficient?
  • Are further facilities required?
  • Do existing facilities need maintenance or are any duplicated that can be removed?

You’ll also need to think about the nature of your organization’s business activities, as certain sectors will need different services. Also think about security, sustainability and who accesses the facility. Ask yourself and the team “what are the needs of your target audience”? These are all important things that you need to consider before facilities and services are arranged.

A soft facility maintenance program can include security/janitorial duties, general cleaning/floor maintenance inside, Renovation/Refurbishment and proper landscaping outside. All these services can help attract and retain customers.

Proper soft facility maintenance also ensures the premises are safe. This regularly scheduled activity of a company helps employees and customers safe. The cleaning and replacement of equipment and utility systems keep the facility running smoothly. Additional soft facility maintenance services include replacing air filters to guarantee better air quality, cleaning the coils in Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) units, and water jetting plumbing to prevent clogs.

Generally, facility maintenance can help prevent equipment failures through preventative maintenance. When your critical systems stop working, it can be costly and troublesome to fix. Proper preventative maintenance can prevent these extra expenses and limit the amount of downtime for any type of business.

Soft facility maintenance is a very important aspect of any business or organization. When someone is in charge of managing the safety, security, and regular maintenance of the building and equipment of a business, you’ll find that safety for all increases, while repair costs and injuries decrease.

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Facility Management in Nigeria

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