3 Tip for Proper Facility management

3 Tip for Proper Facility Management for your Business

When it comes to the tips to facility management activities for long term success in your organization, there are different ways on how to maximize your organization’s built facility performance. However, you probably don’t have the long hours you can devote to research when you need to maximize efficiency and cut costs this moment.

To have a profitable business, the value of proper facility management in such a business can not be overemphasized.

Being a great manager of business doesn’t come naturally, it’s a skill you have to develop and as you become a better manager in the business, you make more money and your stress levels tend to drop drastically. So if you can’t commit to becoming a great manager then just don’t do it. The stakes are much higher than a simple game of luck.

“A ‘facility’ may be a space or an office or suite of offices; a floor or group of floors within a building; a single building or a group of buildings or structures. These structures may be in an urban setting or freestanding in a suburban or rural setting. The structures or buildings may be a part of a complex or office park or campus.”

The key is to understand the facility as a physical place where business activities are done and to make the facility management plans in accordance with the needs and demands of those business activities.

SORS Investment limited has gradually gained weight in the Nigeria property and facility management industry. We specialize in providing both hard and soft facility solutions to individuals and businesses in Nigeria.

To have a proper facility management style for your business, there are some basic activities one should always keep tabs on. this will allow your business to grow at an incredible rate and keep the ROI on the high. Below are the basic 3 Tip for Proper Facility management for your Business

  1. Facility management is a full-time job, not a hobby treat it that way

Many business owners get frustrated trying to do everything as they operate. Those types of businesses are likely to experience energy burnout in a short period of existence.

It is advisable in committing to treating your business like a business. Get the right focus on what’s important which is getting more sales and profit in the long run.

Even though many organizations boast that they have great facility management activities in place, the report form statistica shows a slightly different reality. The statistic describes the removal of dirt, sand, and debris as the biggest challenges for facility managers in 2019.

2. Invest in your Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS)

Your workplace management system is at the heart of your work. Much of the day to day operations are likely on high-quality facilities management software. That’s why investing in your IWMS earns a high spot in our top facilities management tips.

When it comes to an IWMS, you get what you pay for. The best IWMS solutions will come with a striking price tag. However, investment in your facilities management software is critical for long term success.

Your IWMS or Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software should provide:

  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support
  • Access to Training
  • Constant Upgrade

3. Outsource your Facility management in part or in full.

There is a rising number of businesses choosing to outsource or contract out their facility management tasks to specialized facility management companies that maintain the property for the owner. This arrangement is becoming more common in Nigeria because of the increasing scope and complexity of facility management.

Companies that Outsource their facility management activities prefer to focus on other business goals (Core Business). Many of those organizations find that outsourcing their facility management duties to a specialist reduces costs, delivers quality, and improves operations.

Specialized facility management firms may be hired to manage an entire complex or just one part of a large operation. For example, some companies hire facility management firms that specialize in operating mailrooms or providing janitorial services. In any case, the company expects to benefit from the expertise of the Firm it hires. A good example of such successful arrangements in Nigeria is in the areas of security outsourcing.

Whether a small business chooses to outsource or maintain internal control of its facility management processes, however, the ultimate goals are the same.

Outsourcing your Facility management activities comes with more advantages like;

  • Saving Time and Money
  • Expertise and Knowledge
  • Flexible and Adaptable
  • Easy Access
  • Measuring, monitoring, and Evaluation.

SORS Investment Limited has been helping organizations in different industries improve their facilities since 2016.

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