Facility Management in Nigeria 1

Facility Management in Nigeria

Facility Management in Nigeria

The best way to describe Facility management is that it’s the biggest hidden industry in Nigeria and Africa at large. Imagine your journey to work on a daily basis, nearly every part of your journey is affected by the Facility management industry. Now you may find that difficult to believe but think about your journey again. The Roads, traffic lights, car parking lots, and other infrastructures.

For example, you get to your office, the door opens, it’s clean, the lighting works, the food you eat for breakfast is very good, the air conditioning is working.

This is all taken for granted until something goes wrong. That’s when you discover what value the Facility management industry has been adding to you.

According to IFMA Facility management is the process by which an organization ensures that its buildings, systems, and services support core operations and processes. As well as contributing to achieving its strategic objectives in changing conditions.

It focuses resources on meeting the users needs to support the key roles in organizations and strives to continuously improve quality. It also reduces risks and ensures value for money.

Advantage of Facility Management

Facility management really brings huge value when you’re making efficiency and improving performance.

We can look at facility management as to how your services are run.

From the business strategy, making sure that business runs efficiently with where the business wants to be by bringing your Facility management into a line.

You can be looking at twenty or thirty percent savings the first time you go through this process and really bring innovation to the business,

It is also possible to bring best practice back into the business and that’s really where you focus on the value that Facility management can create in the workplace

With proper Facility management in place, it can free up the organization’s activities to focus on their core strengths and the impact it can make on performance.

How organizations can get value for their money spent on Facility management

Things have really improved over the years. Organizations like ours and other industry players have seen a gradual growth in the service sector industry of Nigeria get really professionalized. it so obvious and people are really seeing the potential of outsourcing their Facility management activities to a more dedicated hand.

But the real question still remains as to how can facility management companies make sure that organizations get value for their money spent?

For every facility management project, there’s a good value for the organizations and there’s a good value for the customers and the need to make sure that meets in the middle. Organizations will be looking for the best they can get from the money they’re spending and the customers will be looking at the best value they can get from the money they’re handing over to the organization.

There are technologies working predominantly in the facilities management space and that moves and controls people performance and process and will dictate the profit and profitability of a company

What makes this really special is the healthy environment the facility management services offer. I think it’s invaluable in today’s lifestyle that people live and work.

Important things organizations should look for in Facility management companies

A lot of Organizations are looking for the best cultural fit, but it’s whether they can work with those set of people or not. Also, organizations need to have companies that are are very trusted and honest, the type that can advise them what they really should and shouldn’t for better optimization of their properties.

Organizations need to be checking the competence of their facility managers and suppliers and much due diligence should be done around for best fit.

Organizations have to be able to look at who’s recommended the company, what others are talking about them in the real world and on the internet. That’s a really important way of looking at who’s credible in the marketplace who delivers on their promises, whose work speaks volumes

SORS Investment Company limited delivers complete integrated Facility management packages to all industries in Nigeria

Challenges in Facility management in Nigeria

Technology is moving so quickly, in the last few years we’ve seen a huge sway towards mobility, cost-containment, and the connected Facility manager is more prevalent, people are more mobile and the biggest challenge we face is keeping in tune with technology and as a service provider being sure that we provide a service in terms of speed quality and demand.

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